A Mustached Cop and a Cute Kitten Become Partners in Crime

Meet DonutOperator, a 28 year-old ‘mustached’ police officer from South Carolina and his new friend, Squirt the Kitten. DonutOperator made headlines when he rescued a lonely kitten stranded in a rain and made the kitty his purrrfect partner in crime. He posted about the pet on Reddit and the duo went viral all over the internet.

Squirt the kitten was hiding under a dumpster when DonutOperator stumbled upon her. The cop, highly impressed by kitten’s cuteness and intellect, immediately decided to adopt Squirt as his new partner and friend. Now they ride the streets, chase the bad guys and hand them over to the law.


1. A little background story

According to DonutOperator, he found Squirt hiding under a dumpster. Squirt, on the other hand, claims that she was actually undercover at that time.


2. She is way healthier now and gaining weight Squirt is fond of staying at home, eating, playing with cat toys and creating a havoc.


3. Squirt watches out for her rescuer, at the same time, Squirt keeps an eye out for any suspicious activities happening around the place.


4. Where do they live?

If you were wondering, DonutOperator lives in Spartanburg, a city in South Carolina. His home currently has six cats and two dogs

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5. DonutOperator is actually called Cody Garrett

Squirt accidentally let slip that DonutOperator’s real name is Cody Garrett.