Artist revamps Disney Female Characters into Modern Girls, and Rapunzel is the Cutest

Disney creates such prominent characters throughout history that it is almost impossible to imagine them out of their worlds. Say like the famous princesses and their amazing stories, it’s hard to imagine Cinderella without her glass slipper or Rapunzel without her golden long locks.

But everything is possible in an artist’s mind as they have the inbuilt talent to think and create something out of the box and give it a new identity. The same characteristic is seen in the works of illustrator Daria Artemieva hailing from Kiev, Ukraine. Her way of taking the Disney characters and putting them into a normal and casual world is something you shouldn’t miss. Enjoy!



1. Aladdin and Jasmine, a winter morning in their retro cars.

This is so romantic.

2. Cute Tinkerbell out on the summer beach.


She has her hat and polaroid camera too.

3. Neighborhood friendly Belle just sipping her coke down the streets.

She looks like the ultimate girl next door.


4. Rapunzel out and about in the forest water.

She looks like she is having fun.


5. Cinderella in her bikinis chilling under the bright sun.

I like how the artist incorporates the frills into her outfit.

6. Belle and his prince just having a beach day out.

They look so content in each other.

7. Princess Jasmine already to sweat out with her yoga mat.

I wonder if that mat is magical too.

8. Princess Aurora is also having a casual beach day under the sun.

She still has her tiara on though.


9. And here you can see she just woke up.

Along with breakfast in bed.

10. The little mermaid and her prince on a romantic evening.

They look so in love.

11. And here, Ariel is just hanging out in the streets of LA.

One can never have enough of her red hair.

12. Snow white in her bikinis walking by the beach.

It is a pretty sunset and she looks amazing.


13. Anna and Elsa, the two sisters of Arendelle Royalty at the beach.

It’s nice to see them out of their cold Disney theme.

14. Cinderella having pizza and coke waiting for her Netflix show.

This looks so chilled out.

15. Moana nearby the ocean with her surfing board.

This is quite assumable knowing that she is an Ocean child as depicted in the movie.

16. Merida and her big head of ginger hair.

She looks so cool.


17. Rapunzel in Paris sitting by the balcony and having warm croissants.

She is literally living my dream in this one.

18. The book lover of course, how can Belle miss a morning read.

She looks so content in her reading.

(Credit: Daria Artemieva)