Artist creates Stunning Felted Wildlife Creatures and they’re So Realistic

Attachment to wildlife is incomprehensible to some while for others, it’s all about sugar & spice and everything nice. There is a certain wonder attached to the natural beauty the wild brings with it. Certainly, one cannot measure the love for beautiful creatures. However, one can surely try to mold the stunningness that comes along with it into a persona his or her imagination allows.

For Simon Brown, he portrays the fantastical-ness of felted miniature wildlife by using worn-out household items as a canvas.

As you will see in the following images, he has used his creativity in an impressive manner. The old wooden stiff brush works as a tree branch for the perching owl. A dense brush having swirling bristles acts as the meadow for the two owls. Our artist, Mr. Brown, is based out in Northumbria, the United Kingdom utilizes needlework to create his miniature creatures giving them a realistic touch in the process. To see more of his work, you can visit his Instagram page.



This owl is astonished at what the world has become.

Go get em’.


A close up of the pretty rabbit.


“You circle it very slowly. And you jump on it..”