Artist Illustrates The Modern Struggle Of Relationships By Creating The Illicit Love Story of Icarus

You must have heard the famous phrase “don’t fly too close to the sun”. This sparking idiom is from the Greek Mythology of Icarus, the man who used wings made of wax and feathers to flee from Crete. His father Daedalus told him to not fly too close to the sun as it will melt his wings, but Icarus was too consumed of his flight and flew too close to the sun and the inevitable happened.

Artist and illustrator Gabriel Picolo from Brazil took the inspiration of this myth and created a modern comic based on the theme of Hopeless Romance. Picolo introduces us to the characters, Icarus as a man suffering from mental fear of not being loved enough and the Sun as the Woman that fires up the chemistry and melts his heart, like literally, you know, wax and sun! Follow along with the portraits and you’ll see the heartbreaking story.



1. When the two individuals meet for the first time.

Seems like both of their loneliness somehow brought them together.

2. The ice breaks and they start heating up the conversations.


It looks like they are hitting off.

3. And he starts dreaming about her, of course!

A hot fiery girl, who wouldn’t dream about her?


4. They start meeting more often and the chemistry builds on.

Just like pieces of puzzles.