16 Awesome&Useful Things that People Never Noticed Until Today

There is this trend that’s been circling on the internet for a while now. It’s called the “I was today years old when I found out so and so.” The trend was popularised on social media by people who uploaded very ordinary pictures of objects they used every day but miraculously found out something new about it. And what they found was the true way to use those objects, meaning they’ve been doing it all wrong the whole time.

If you were in their places you’d definitely be shocked because I was too. It is some weird revelation happening down there. If you wanna go through it too, read it on and you’ll see some life-changing pictures. Thank us later!



1. We always cut off the whole tip where the circle ends.

But turns out you’re supposed to cut only the first tip above the straw looking thing.


2. When you’re in a hurry to cool down your drinks, use this.


Wrap up the bottle with wet tissues and keep them in a freezer for 10 mins.


3. If you wanna hide your words don’t line them, scribble them with circles.

That way people won’t be able to tell what you wrote.


4. The power button in a microwave warms your food in low heat and wholly.

So you better use them next time.