20 Hollywood Movie Posters with Errors that’re Hard to Believe

Back in the days, when Hollywood’s new movies came out and the first batch of posters are released, people didn’t fuss about it much. Then, it was more about the celebration of a new movie. But in today’s world, the digital world, everyone is waiting to break down and criticize any errors they see on any movie promotions. Either it’s the trailer or the posters.

In this compilation, we will focus on few of the most unnatural looking posters that the production house had enough guts to release out in the open. The show-business world has many vulture eyes waiting to scalp them and here are the results of some stupid editing.



1. The Whole Ten Yards (2004).

All of the characters are not co-operating to each other. They are all distinct. And Bruce’s leg looks very girlish.


2. Street Kings (2008).


Keanu’s thumb has some kind of weird placement, that’s not how you use a gun.


3. Solace (2015).

You can clearly see that the faces of the two actors are very disproportionate.


4. Watchmen (2009).

How do you light the machine by not pressing the button?