16 Insane People who Forgot To Re-Think their Tasks


Ever seen a person who yaps about being so content and normal, you believe them, but once you see how they function, you get totally thrown away? Like the cool cousin in your family, you make a choice of sneaking out with him and then realize he is a total freak. Yes, some people are so calm while their actions say something very different.

Well, if these groups of people were told to do something, a chore or even a job, it’s not the best idea. They’ll end up doing the opposite you ask for and they’ll still look at you in the eye and say, “Job’s done!”. Maybe that’s just how their wires were fixed. Nothing’s gonna change them, if you don’t believe me, look at this compilation. Scroll down and you’ll know!



1. Moving this tire was a waste of time he said.

So, he did what he could only do, paint over it.


2. If he ripped his own jeans, we salute you, man!


Even girls have a hard time doing it.


3. This is Drake’s true feelings about Kiki.

So, Kiki, are you reading?


4. Haha, who came up with this idea?

Totally took our attention, great job!