16 Jocular Pics to Help You Test the Funny-Bone in You

There are two types of ‘funny pictures’. One that is simple but makes us laugh so hard as if it’s the king of comedy and those pictures which are meant to be funny but you just get so annoyed by them. So the baseline is, it depends on whether the picture was taken intentionally or not. Now you can tell the difference, right?

Maybe if the doubts are still kinda hazy then we can take this test together to see if it works. The collection of pictures below have a variety of stories that might have been framed or taken in a split second. We can use them as a method to see what annoys us and what makes us laugh. Go on, you can start!



1. They never get old with the ad service, do they?

Earth is definitely not flat.


2. Who wants to break it to them?


I’d love to.


3. ‘Checkhairline.com’, haha! What a coincidence.

The man needs to see this.


4. I tried okay, but it ain’t funny.

It’s just creepy, that’s it!