20 People whose Horrible Days will Make you Feel Lucky

Life can be many things at times, good or bad. You know, humans are very strong creatures who can handle most physical and mental stresses calmly if they have to. Yes, we are good at tolerating a whole lot of pain and the crazy stuff that comes with it.

But there is also one thing that can crack up a human in like a split-second. You asked ‘what’? Well, it’s the very bad situations where things just get ruined without any reason responsible for it. This can drive any person insane to the core. Because it doesn’t make sense at all.

You doubt our analysis? Okay, why don’t you check out these pictures then? Bonjour!



1. This guy’s new monitor arrived today.

That crack can break a man’s heart easily.


2. When your ice cream has layers of insecurities.


It just doesn’t wanna show itself.


3. The owner must be crying about now.

This is just sad, very sad!


4. When you wanna show off you have new clothes.

But for this guy, it was an accident.