16 Photos that’ll Bend Your Visual Power to A Great Extent

We, humans, are visual inclined creatures. It goes without saying that we, as a species depend on our eyes way too much to guide us through the struggle we call life. Most of the times, it assists us with its efforts. However, there do exist those rare moments while the input and output simply don’t match. Our brain refuses to accept the data perceived by our visual organs, pulling our brain cells in a corner and asking them to work harder.

In short, the pictures in this compilation will make you pull your head in frustration because comprehending them is the most difficult task of all.



1. Spiderman’s secret fetish is revealed in this one heck of a snap.


2. What a nice dress is that man wearing! Someone should ask him where he got it from.


3. All sorts of marketing tools are used to sell a product and let’s just say this advertisement really works.


4. The gateway to hell is right beneath the couch. I will advise you to not peak.