16 Photos that are So Cringy They’ll Make You Uncomfortable

We have so many people as our friends and acquaintances, it is safe to say that at least one of them has the capability to make us cringe. And in case you are one of those lucky ones who hasn’t met anyone wearing a fedora in office, it’s about time you were introduced to some of them.

We dug into the depths of the internet to find you the most cringe-worthy beings existing on the face of this planet. You will be unpleasantly surprised to stumble upon them (Not accidentally, of course). In any case, here are some of the people for whom the word facepalm was invented. So my advice for you will be to go ahead and do just that.



1. Soon her hair will be as shiny and curly as they show in the advertisements.

If only she plugs it in.

2. Be careful as you stroll with your luggage on public transport. Anything might happen.


3. It is supposed to be a ramp for wheelchairs but it appears to be a functioning skateboard ramp.


4. Nothing can make this woman stop. Not even a lack of wheels.