20 Funny Photos showing the Two Sides of Social Media Life and Reality

Before you go ahead and shame people for always putting up refined pictures on social media which aren’t realistic, think about this! Whenever we leave home and go out somewhere, we always try to present our best versions, don’t we? By wearing the good clothes, behaving well and such.

Here’s the thing, social media life is the hype version of that switch filter. Thousands of people can see you and are ready to judge you. So, ultimately the urge to make everything look perfect becomes compulsory, and for the influencers, it’s their life, they gotta do it.

There are many embarrassing but normal moments that goes through behind the camera to achieve the Insta-Perfect look, and here are the real flaws you gotta see.



1. Don’t ever believe the ‘I woke up like this’ look.

No one can look that perfect without some grooming.


2. The perfect shot of the healthy breakfast seconds before it got destroyed.


It has to be consumed, so there it is.


3. To make a child pose for the camera is a hard job.

If they laugh for you, you must’ve done something right to deserve it.


4. And she looks like she is getting ready to turn into Valak from the conjuring movie.

Not so rejuvenating as it looks.