26 Pictures comparing Britain and Australia in A Horrifying Way

There has been some level of comparison between different countries. Especially, if you are planning to visit one. Going on a vacation is all about being chill as heck. However, you need to do your research first. Are you a person who likes to be in control of the situation or are you the kind of person who can do with all sorts of surprises? Well, no matter which category you fall into, this compilation is a comparison between Britain and Australia.

If you like what Britain’s offering, then you are in the former category and if Australia is the one that attracts you then you are probably in the latter category.



1. A tiny lizard found on the tree in Britain.


And then there is this huge dragon look-alike lizard crawling on the walls in Australia.


2. Look what a cute spider was spotted by someone in Britain.


Meet this guy who begs and is all about making a grand entrance.