20 Pictures that are Simply Funny and Nothing Else

Laughing is the easiest thing in the world, yet how many of us laugh enough times. There is a permanent resting straight (read whatever you want) face which can be spotted on mostly everyone. Hence, it can be considered an important thing to take the job in my hands and offer you guys a gallery filled with hilarious pictures.

They might be a bit random, somewhat thrown at your face out of the blue. However, they will fulfill the task of getting a few giggles out of just about everyone.



1. Being reasonable has never been a part of the job description of a Halloween costume.


2. Getting the remotes ready for the in-laws’ visit. It is going to be a fun time with family.


3. He has been using a special potion to revive his third hand. Looks like the guy is succeeding.


4. Oh come on, stop it Nike! We really cannot handle all the discounts you have been throwing at us.