Practical Life Hacks that’ll Make You Feel Smarter

Some lifehacks exist just so that you can make your life a little bit better than it is at the moment. However, the internet is filled with tonnes of that. So for you to decide which ones to actually take into use can be tough.

The hacks in this compilation are what you live for. Not only will they make your life a tad bit easier, you will also feel smarter than you were yesterday. Without further ado, let’s get going with this and see what we have in store for you.



1. You are traveling and are worried your spray bottle will spill? Use a shirt or a towel to lock the liver.


2. We all have at least once stumbled upon extra long shoelaces. Next time, you tie them, get a bit creative.


3. Forgetting lunch again and again?

Put your house keys where your lunch is so that you never forget them again.


4. If your shoes make too much noise, add some floor protector to the bottoms.

It will also help you avoid any possible slips.



5. Keep your bag of stained clothes separately so as to make sure they don’t spoil other clothes.


6. Are you in a hotel room without a fridge? Use this trick and keep your drinks cool.


7. Add an extra layer of protection on the broken glass by first putting them in a bag and then trashing the bag.


8. Remove dirt your vacuum cannot pick on by rolling tape in reverse over your hands.



9. If you want to take your hot curling rod anywhere, keep it inside the oven mitt and voila!


10. Don’t toss out the netted bags out. Instead, use them next time you buy groceries.

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11. Aren’t your earphones working properly? Use a toothpick to gently remove the piled up lint.


12. Your kids want a big bed but you are nervous they will roll out of it? Use pool noodles on either side to stop that from happening.

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13. Put a stocking over the vacuum to find small items such as an earring.


14. To make sure your nail paint is applied perfectly, use some glue for the task.


15. Don’t want to get your controllers dirty? This is the hack for you.


16. Use old muffin trays for organizing your drawer.

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