Ridiculous Mistakes at Work-Sites that can’t Be Forgiven

Having the most reasonable and highly intellectual brain among all other animals, humans sometimes still end up doing things that have no sense or explanation at all. Medically, it can be stress, anxiety, fear, nervous or shock that can lead to a person doing even the simplest duty in the most horrendous ways. We are being considerate here, so we blamed medical imbalance! Nothing more, nothing less.

So, with a feeling in mind that you’ll feel pity instead of anger for this nincompoops, here are some of the best disasters ever concocted by man and man only. With all due respect, we are not judging any of them, they need treatment.



1. It is a fire escape circular stair in a college building.

Any person climbing down this will die of electrocution than the fire.


2. One of the writings must be there first and they still didn’t bother to correct it.


Are you simply trying to confuse people?


3. Whoever did this wasn’t drunk, s/he was simply possessed.

The person clearly wasn’t sane at all.


4. Is this a joke, because it is just impossible.

We love Harry Potter but, this is just unacceptable.



5. She got served an unopened packet of fries in a Mexican restaurant.

I’m closing my eyes and trying to wonder how busy was the chef to serve a frozen packet of fries.


6. The translator must’ve dozed off on top of the keypads.

Because there is no other way to explain.


7. This stupid worker will still blame the blueprint.

I can sense him doing it already.


8. Could be okay for a person living alone but what about the smell?

This is just absurd in all ways.



9. It is as transparent as some of Kim Kardashian’s clothes.

The Yeezy trend is not going so great for interiors, is’t?


10. So, what was the purpose of the balcony anyway?

To give the chimney some lake view?


11. As long as you don’t see the face, no harm at all, is’t?

How do workers like this get their license?


12. This must be the restricted area only for the v.i.p members.

Unless you are one, don’t even think about it.



13. Seasoning the birds are not allowed here.

Strictly prohibited, mind it!


14. Not so lucky after all, huh?

The four-leaf clover couldn’t save it.


15. The worker responsible for this must’ve had enough for the day.

Don’t mess with this person.


16. The pot looks like it is urinating some cactus.

Very thorny this one.