18 Epic Shadow Formations that Imitate Something Completely Fascinating

When an object occupying space blocks the light hitting on it, it forms a darkness behind the object mimicking the shape of the object, this is called a shadow. The sun plays a big role in this phenomenon, it shoots its rays of light throughout the atmosphere traveling at a constant velocity. But a shadow is the resulting product of when this light is absorbed by an object standing in its way.

And the outcomes of the shadow can change its shape and size according to the direction of the source of light. Meaning the distance and placement has a big role in it too. At times we come across weird and beautiful shadows while walking down the street or just at home. The image they form can totally tell a different story, and that is what we wanna highlight here. Look at these pictures and you’ll understand.



1. The shadow of this truck looks like it is saying ‘HI’.

Quite the cheerful shadow.


2. This wine shadow looks like it is opening up a realm.


Kinda like an alien portal.


3. Mt. Rainier and its glorious shadow on the blue sky.

Isn’t it just magnificent to look at?


4. The sun rays melted the snow except for the ones lying on the bicycle’s shadow.

Nature and its genius ways.