18 Spontaneous Accidents that are Tragically Funny

Bad days struck us like lightning that gives us a deep-rooted scar which will remain forever. But if you look at it in another way, you’ll see that these unfortunate accidents are the ones that make a normal day so precious. Yeah, did you see how I turned that around? All I wanna say is that no matter how badly mother nature strikes us, it’s the way of life and we just gotta keep moving on.

While there are disastrous and monstrous accidents, there are also some which just look so funny that the pain just goes away. Here are some of those bad day instances that went pretty nasty and just bad enough to make you crack a laugh. So, enjoy the show!



1. It’s a frisbee photograph, ouch!

She is going to end up having a red mustache.


2. Poor kid, that smile just went away in like a second.


Seagulls are crazy, man! They will snatch anything.


3. When two planes just wanna compare their backside.

Let them do their thing, people!


4. Life has had enough of you, even the sink hates you.

It’s going down and ain’t coming back.