16 Strange Body Parts of People that’ll Leave You Spellbound

The human body is a miraculous living body that can surprise us in many ways. In general, we all know how a normal human being is supposed to look like; two legs, two hands, two eyes, etc. And given the different ethnicities and race we belong to that provided us with varieties of colored human race, for example; yellow, black, white, and brown. All these characteristics have their own sets of systems which form the appearance and the study, we call the ‘Human Anatomy’.

Anyways, there are certain changes in these systems, therefore, giving birth to unique people that have a slight difference in how they appear and look. You can call it the beauty of science or the beginning of evolution. Either this uniqueness is inborn or the result of an accident it will always leave us with questions. See if you can explain or understand this lot.



1. A person who was born with a scarred iris.

I bet you’ve never seen anything like it.

2. He can look in two different directions at the same time.


Kinda like the chameleon.

3. After having a surgery, her iris color changed.

Something must have changed in her retinal system.


4. A mark that looks like the map of North America.

Isn’t this super cool and rare?