‘Then and Now’ Pictures that Had us in the First Look

Before and after pictures are one of the best and entertaining kinds of pictures to look at. It is the amount of excitement you get when you see something, a person, animal, place, etc. changing over time. You could’ve never thought about the result or predict it and that is why it is interesting.

People often try to recreate their old photos too, I think it’s really cute to do that. Giving life to your old pictures you know. In this compilation, you won’t see just one kind of transformation but many. It includes all kinds of transformation that’ll entertain you to the utmost level. Have fun!



1. The ginger cat has grown so beautifully after 15 years.

One will just go ‘awwww’ whether it’s small or big.


2. Just look at the difference in the size of the shirts.


That’s a lot of change, man.


3. You can see how the Queen is getting old over the years in the coins.

This is a really amazing way to capture Her Majesty’s time.


4. This cutie right after a brand new haircut.

I don’t even know which one is cuter.



5. Whoever joined these pieces did a good job.

I wonder when this picture was taken.


6. From rags to riches, what’s the trick?

Somebody let us know how they did this.


7. Once a boring wall and now an artistic one.

For some reason, this guy looks like Logan Paul.


8. Aww…this one is so cute, we are definitely loving it.

Even their outfits are matching.



9. Old but gold. Look how time has changed them.

On their 40th wedding anniversary, wearing the same outfit.


10. Now, this is a big change, 1980’s to 2018.

From good-old huge flask to a tiny smart one.


11. This is a great transformation.

A father transformed this bike for his son’s high school graduation gift.


12. Look how time has changed in 50 years.

From a baby to a man now with the same old car.



13. Wow, the dog is huge now but the cuteness still remains.

From 3, 6, 9, and 12 months.


14. She had an amazing transformation.

We love watching at amazing weight loss journeys.


15. This balayage hairdo is truly magic.

My eyes are watering because I want it too.


16. The backyard looks so cheerful and fresh after it’s makeover.

This is really giving us some goals to list down.