17 Thrilling Sights that won’t Let you Sit Comfortably in Your Seat

Do you like living on the edge, like literally living a life where you risk your health and well being every single day? It’s crazy to think about the people who do that as a living, kinda ironical too.

Also, there are also some who just do it for the fun or maybe some who are too stupid to understand what danger is. They think it’s cool but it really isn’t. Putting your life in danger by doing some crazy thing is really very stupid. But does that stop them? No! Here are a few pictures that are proof of the existence of such stupidity.



1. She is filling up her gas and smoking at the same time.

Can someone explain to her what combustion means?


2. Are you seeing flashes of the disastrous result this might lead to?


I know, it’s giving us a headache here.


3. What if their hands slip, like didn’t anyone think this through?

Clearly, they didn’t.


4. Whoa! Okay, still not cool people, not cool!

It’s just bizarre to see grown-ups being so reckless.