16 Understated Pics that are Simply Too Funny To Be Missed

One of the most understated pictures are the funny pictures. I don’t know why people are always talking about artistic pictures with extravagant themes and portraits while a funny picture can literally give you tears from laughing. Well, serious and political pictures have their own importance and nature, we respect that. But just because funny pictures are hilarious, people don’t take them seriously.

Yeah, people love to give attention to serious and tension building stories because happiness and laughter are just boring and too mediocre. Therefore, to remind you that, laughter building photographs are essential in our lives too, here are some epically funny photographs. Don’t forget to grab your tissues.



1. When the universe wants to highlight the talent of Samuel L. Jackson.

This happens very rarely.


2. The bag is having ailments, it needs help.


Wait! Is the bag alive?


3. “My husband lost in his fantasy football league last year… he finally did his penance last Friday.”

He is rocking those hot pink pumps and the purple wig.

4. Wait, are you a fan or a hater?

Because this is embarrassing.