Over-the-top Vacation Photographs that’ll Put You In Wonder

The best part about traveling is that even if the duration ends we get to save and share the moments through pictures and videos. When one needs to be reminded that life is not only about running after money maybe a little splash of fun memories like these come in handy.

While some of us just love to experience the nature and exploration of it all, many of us love to take photographic memories. And if we have the eye for good angles, well we don’t need a professional for it. I’m pretty sure most of us are self-taught photographers, especially the millennials. Here are some of the best travel pictures that need a huge applause.



1. That split in mid-air; she’s got some killer moves.

I am sure she does some sort of sports or dancing.


2. This head-stand though, how do they even do it?


And I can’t even walk properly.

3. Oh my, what? Is she hanging by a freaking pony-tail?

My legs are wriggling in discomfort, I swear!


4. They sank their GoPro camera and took the picture by time lapse.

This is super cool.