Wild creatures that are Very attractive but in a scary way

With an extensive variety of wildlife existing on this planet, humans tend to accommodate with the adorable ones in the lot. The scarier creatures remain hidden in the thick forests as we humans rarely explore them. Sometimes they visit our homes uninvitedly, and they are not the guest you had in mind for the night.

After scrolling through this one, you will pray to god, you never come across any of these creatures. Even by accident. There is an array of beings for instance- Giant Devil’s Flower Mantis, Black Piranha, Harpy eagle and many more. Being quite sure you do not want anymore, we simply cannot resist the temptation.



1. Asian Hornet with a trace of poison on the tip of its tongue. *shudders*



2. Caterpillar forming golden Chrysalis and looking majestic while they are at it.



3. Majestic and huge European rhinoceros beetle (Oryctes nasicornis) looks a heck lot scarier than its oughts to.


4. A bearded vulture that looks like a real-life scarecrow anyone will want to steer clear of.



5. The piercing eyes of a Florida Fighting Conch Snail will jump right into your soul.


6. Giant Devil’s Flower Mantis appears to be a creature from another planet.


7. Prometheus moth at my office sitting on the wall without a care in the world.


8. Alligator Gar found in Texas rivers and lakes.



9. The leaf being eaten by worms is one of the cringiest things there is.


10. Atheris squamigera in all its glory. Such majestic scales it has.


11. Appears like the Thanos moment of Infinity War.


12. Black Piranha’s teeth can scare the best of us.



13. Orange-eyed dragon staring straight into the soul of his/her enemies.


14. “Squamiferum, living 2,500m below the Indian Ocean, covers its shell n’ makes scale armour out of iron sulphide.”


15. Extend your greetings to the Black Ant, fellas.

I am sure you do not require further introductions from here.


16. Harpy eagle is the largest eagle in the world. It is 1-meter tall and has a 2-meter wingspan!