Woman Live-Tweets “Air” Romance She Unintentionally Created For Two Strangers

Finding love in places you’d never expect; I think that beauty has lost its essence with time as we are all busy with dating apps and what not that doesn’t go far anyway. But you’d be surprised to know that in some ways somehow these magical moments still do exist in the nooks and corners of our surroundings. To prove it to you, we have a woman inviting us on a romantic plane ride through her twitter thread where she played the Fairy Godmother unintentionally for two strangers. Read along!


Rosey Blair is an Actress and writer from Dallas, Texas.

Rosey and her boyfriend were traveling home by flight where they had to sit in different seats. So, Blair does what most people would normally do. She asked the woman sitting beside her if she could exchange her seat with her boyfriend. The woman agreed and Blair was sitting happily side by side with her boyfriend.

After the seats were exchanged, Blair joked that maybe the woman will find the love of her life.


And this is the tricky part, a man walked in and sat beside the woman in front of Blair and her boyfriend. Minutes later they started vibing and you can read the rest in the tweets.

Here’s hoping that they do fall for each other while being high up in the sky!

Haha, that was a great pun!


Both are trainers, meaning they both look hot, and they are vegetarians too!

Truly made for each other.