Woman wanting to Look Like a “Giraffe” Finally Removes her Neck Rings after 5 Years

How many of you are enticed with the elongated neck of a giraffe? I am sure if anything, you must’ve found the concept quite fascinating. There is not a lot we can say about it as we humans have quite a short neck compared to that. But a woman, for her love of giraffes, wanted to get a neck as long as theirs.

Soon her quest for having an elongated neck became a reality and she put rings around hers. When she removed the rings after some years the result was quite shocking.



This is how her journey began.

At the age of 25, she decided to give tribute to her favorite animal in the world. She decided to elongate her neck.

Her obsession with the giraffe.


“I never go anywhere without my giraffe purse.”

Yes, that’s a purse you are looking at.

She decided to put some rings around her neck.

For the purpose of elongating her neck, she kept on adding more rings around it.


Her Ultimate Life Goal :

This will take sometime but if she wants it, who is stopping her anyway?

She was inspired by the women the Kayan people in South-East Asia. And there’s a reason why these women wear coils around their necks.

They wear it so that the women of their tribe look less attractive and people from other tribes don’t turn them into slaves.

It looks a bit dangerous.

It does nothing to elongate the neck actually. It simply puts pressure on your collarbone.

She decided to add rings to her neck.

The process was difficult for her because her body has already matured and hence, it had no more growing to do. She decided to take it on slowly.

Quickly she started to gain fame.

You know you are going viral when Ripley’s Believe It Or Not features you.

And soon enough she had her own comic character.

How many of you can say that?

As you can see, the number of coils around her neck has seen a ‘progress’.

Even if our body stops growing, limiting their movements can mutate sertain structure and it is happening here.

However, the weight of it was difficult for her to handle.

She had almost 15 rings around her neck by the end of it which weighed almost 15 pounds. It doesn’t sound a lot but when you have to wear them around the clock, it’s torturous.

The rings started to take over her life.

“I couldn’t function properly as a long neck woman with fifteen rings around my neck in the United States of America.”

Gradually, everything started to revolve around the rings.

“I couldn’t function properly as a long neck woman with fifteen rings around my neck in the United States of America.”

Her along with her spirit animals – giraffes.

Loving an animal is okay, but going to this extent to look like them, it’s just crazy! There is like a huge gap between the two species which will never be filled in a million years. But it’s her life and she can do whatever she wants, but this is really something very unique.

You simply cannot beat her at the ring game.

Because the rings are made of copper, she can’t move her head like normal people do. Her dedication is so strong. But it’s just hard to understand, isn’t it?

Her neck appears to be so elongated in this picture, we are shocked.

Having the rings kinda make her get away with looking ‘okay’ because it looks like a jewelry.

Sydney knows her most compatible photoshoot partner is a giraffe.

I don’t know she sleeps because if i had even one ring i’d have a sleepless night.

And she refuses to give up on them.

She has a strong will spirit, ‘salute’ for her firm faith.

Her obsession with long neck was becoming scarier.

It will be scarier the more she takes this obsession seriously.

It was obviously affecting her day to day life as well.

No doubt at all! It’s amazing how she can stay calm with it.

But she refused to give up on the idea.

Here, it looks great with this lace red top. Kinda hot and beautiful.

In fact, she somehow managed to pull off the rings.

She has beautiful features already so even these rings look good on her.

With such charm and seductiveness, we are enticed.

I just love her eyes and her dark hair, making the bronze rings stand out.

Even her selfies were too amazing.

How can she pose so well in all her pictures?

She even fell in love with the giraffe print.

The leopard print is overrated so why not the giraffe print?

There is a reason why she became as popular as she is right now.

She pulls it off so well, and the rings work out with all her outfits.

In her own words…

She finally puts down her thounghts and mind over her glorious journey with the rings.

In the end, she realized that it wasn’t worth it. The rings were making it very difficult for her to carry on with life.

‘Unless you are willing to completely isolate yourself and you’re a trust fund baby and don’t ever need to leave the house, don’t ever need to drive, then maybe you can pull it off.’

Sydney has severe bruising around her neck which is quite understandable seeing that she wore the rings for five years.

And the hardwork 5 years bears it’s result, do you see any difference?

After removing the rings, her neck was very weak.

However, she is recovering very quickly.

Her neck is definitely longer than before.

Long necks do look good but not everyone has a pretty face. Lucky for her she has all of it.

Enjoying her longer neck she clicks her selfies whenever possible, updating her Instagram followers.

She looks like Angelina Jolie here, those cheekbones are killer!

Amazingly, she was 6 months pregnant when she took this picture!

Mama giraffe woman is all set for a new addition in her life.

She was blessed with a beautiful baby daughter.

And all we can think of is, will she let her wear the rings too?

Aren’t they the cutest?

Snapchat and new born babies are the perfect match.

Here’s a picture of the happy couple napping together.

Look at them getting all cuddly.

She even posted a picture on her feed saying what she would have looked like as a book.

Now, that’s a book we will want to read. She should definitely write a book about her experience.

One thing is for sure though, this woman is absolutely gorgeous.

Again, the eye, it is just so attractive and beautiful.

Have a look at how she transformed after taking off her rings.

She became very fierce, doesn’t she?

And here’s a video of ‘giraffe woman’ you should watch.

So what do you guys think? Are you willing to get any rings around your neck any time soon?

(Source: Sydney V. Smith the Giraffe Woman )